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From finding the perfect vibe for your next photoshoot to buying your uncle that perfect vintage concert tee that'll remind him of when he peaked in the 80's, Three Penny Mercantile has something for everybody, but especially you.

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The fast fashion brands won't know how to act.

Welcome to the Anti Fast Fashion Movement.

Did you know that by 2030 we are projected to waste 134 million tons of textiles per year? What's worse is that 95% of it could be reused or recycled. At Three Penny Mercantile, we are committed to the Anti Fast Fashion Movement.

What is Fast Fashion? Fast Fashion is trendy clothing and "fashionable" items quickly designed and manufactured, oftentimes ripping off designers and creatives, at extremely low prices. New styles come in as often as every day, creating an unmindful culture of not needing well-made clothing or never wearing the same thing twice. The Fast Fashion industry unfortunately supports human trafficking, unacceptable working conditions, pollution through the use of toxic, cheap dyes and unimaginable amounts of water waste.

What is the solution to Fast Fashion? Conscious Style. Conscious Style is a commitment to knowing where your clothing comes from, never purchasing clothing that harms human beings (this commitment can be surprisingly challenging as many companies use human trafficking to lower fashion costs and consumer needs), wearing fabrics that are sustainable to the environment and buying used as often as possible. We figure, what's more earth conscious than never buying anything new ever again and learning how to upcycle what you already have? At Three Penny Mercantile, we make this commitment easy, sustainable and sexy.

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